Berthelot Alex

Alex Berthelot

General Labourer

Name:Alex Berthelot
Date of birth:October 23, 1997
Address:411 Saskatchewan Crescent West
I am interested in attaining an engineering degree at the Royal Military College of Canada and serving as a Maritime Surface and Sub-Surface Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy upon graduation.


October 2011 - present

PSI Technologies Inc.

General Labourer

I have worked as a General Labourer and Level One Equipment Operator at PSI Technologies Inc since October of 2011. My basic responsibilities include worksite maintenance, equipment operation and maintenance, and basic construction tasks. As a General Labourer, I report to a site foreman or manager and am expected to execute their orders as efficiently and safely as possible. My work as a General Labourer thus far has taught me how to work with fellow employees, how to identify hazards and develop safe working habits, and how to problem solve and use resources available to me in the best way that I see fit. I have also developed a strong level of physical fitness by working at PSI, because the tasks I undergo are often physically challenging. Working at PSI has improved my listening, planning, safety, and problem solving skills while providing me with an environment in which I can physically exert myself.

October 2014 - present

Jervis Bay Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps


As Coxswain at #45 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Jervis Bay, I am responsible for leading the corps of 40 cadets. Corps function, training, and discipline are my responsibilities, and I answer directly to the Executive Officer at the corps.

September 2014 - present

Walter Murray Collegiate Student...

Senior Ring (President)

As Senior Ring, I am responsible for chairing meetings, representing the student body of 1600 to school faculty and administration, and leading a team of 22 student leaders in the planning and execution of school events.

June 2014 - August 2014

Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt

ORCA-Class Vessel Engineer

As an ORCA-Class Vessel Second Engineer, I reported to the ORCA-Class Vessel Engineer for the state of the ship’s engines and engineering systems. As Second Engineer, I was responsible for hourly rounds of the engine room, responding to damage control drills, and steering the ship in and out of harbours under the command of the Officer of the Watch. I also operated the shipboard crane during man-overboard drills to launch the ship’s zodiac in and out of the sea.

September 2013 - October 2014

Jervis Bay Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps

Regulating Chief Petty Officer (RCPO)

As RCPO, I was the second cadet in command of a corps of 40 cadets. I was the right hand man to the Coxswain, who is the top cadet of the corps. I ensured that the Coxswain’s orders in regards to corps function, training, and discipline was carried out.

September 2010 - September 2013

Jervis Bay Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps

Athabaskan Division Member

As an Athabaskan Division Member, I was a member of the “guard”, which is a ceremonial division that is responsible for the personal protection of the Commanding Officer of the corps. Guard members learn rifle drill and discipline, and are considered the most elite, disciplined, highly trained members of a cadet corps.

Tom Simes

2015 January
Walter Murray Collegiate

I have observed Alex in and out of the classroom and he has continued to impress me with his maturity, adaptability and can do attitude. I was thrilled when he asked me for a reference when he ran for Senior Ring for the 2014-15 school year. This is a crucial leadership role for the SRC (Student Representative Council) and Alex has proven himself more than capable as Walter Murray’s Senior Ring this year. He is organized, respectful and conscientious.

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